Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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Achieving Institutional Goals Through LMS Automations, Routines, and Reporting

Know the data is there – but just don’t know how to access it? Wish you could access institutional General Education Learning Outcomes performance with a few clicks? Program Level Learning Outcomes? Course Level Learning Outcomes? Trends, spot other patterns before they become a problem?

Instructional Design: Designing for the next decade of students

Old pre-covid instructional design practices not working?Not relevant in the upcoming enrollment cliff? Learn how to design for the next decade of students!

Higher Education Leadership Development

You are not alone. Know there is a problem – but don’t know where or why?

We often tap the most excellent and outstanding team members – brilliant in their fields – and then ask them to take on administrative, management, and leadership roles – with no training, and often no support. Let’s development those support processes, development mindsets, and pathways to excellence!

Entrepreneurship Workshops & Seminars

The world’s most wicked problems – whether global or local – often require innovative and creative solutions. Whether these are new solutions to old problems inside existing organizations, or inside new organizations – this creative mindset and how we manage this concept of “change manage” is critical to organizational success.

Can you be an leader who successfully navigates an organization through the challenges of change? Solving problems and creating value?

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