I love entrepreneurship – we used to use a word “Industrious” – our grandparents would refer to someone as that young man or woman is industrious. The simple concept was that young person created value – through their work, their effort, their drive – they created value – and they brought wealth, income, food (something of value) into the family …

That is the entrepreneurial mindset that exists universally anywhere you go – regardless of the country, the culture, the economic status – we as individuals all have the innate capability and potential to create value for others – and in return receive value for ourselves and our families …

At Entrepreneurship Essentials – – I explore the entrepreneurial mindset and the opportunity that we share in this global society that we call home on this great planet. So regardless of which country I may be residing or working in this month – entrepreneurship is a passion that I share.

Entrepreneurship Essentials

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Available in paperback or digital OER integration into your LMS (Learning Management System). Entrepreneurship Essentials provides a modern approach to rapid ideation and innovation; integrating digital learning tools for business modeling, validation, and prototyping.

For the instructor, applied real world learning tools, worksheets, and lessons bring to life visual skillset and application of concepts to facilitate engagement and learning.