You Tube Referrer Stats

Would you like to know who the Top 5 sites are who are sending 280,261 people to watch your competitor’s video?

Video is one of the hottest new viral marketing tools that we use to drive traffic to our websites.  For every video that we create for use on one of our websites, we also create a second version that we publish on YouTube.  If you can create a unique and entertaining video, it quickly can acheive a viral marketing effect as friends share it with their friends.

YouTube is giving you the referrer stats to your competition’s top referrer’s …

John Reese recently sent me an email message with an interesting competitive research tool that allows you to look at how your competitors are doing – and more importantly know who the TOP 5 referrer sites are to your competitor’s videos.

You Tube Stats  

YouTube has just added a new "referrer" statistic on all of their Video Pages … if you look directly below a video, you will see a tab labled "Statistics & Info" (see image to the left) … click on that tab, and it shows the Top Five websites that are sending traffic to that video …

You Tube Referrer Stats

Once you have clicked on the Statistics & Info tab, you can see a list of the Top 5 sites linking to this video.

What does this mean?

If you have any competitors who have videos posted on YouTube, you can immediately see the Top Five websites that are sending traffic to *THEIR* videos … great competitive information on who actually is driving traffic to your competition … those five websites then become great resources that you can target.

In the video stats example above, would you like to know about a site that sent your competitor 200,746 clicks to their video?  Over two hundred thousand people watched their video from that site!  That is a fantastic piece of competitive data to know!
Possible ideas that you can use to target those five websites:

  • offer them custom videos (created by you of course) that they can use for their sites …
  • offer them a free copy of your products for them to review …
  • if you have an affiliate program,
  • contact them about reviewing your product and offer to set them up with an affiliate account.
  • if you have the ability to offer them a higher commission rate, give them a premium commission …
  • offer them custom unique articles on their topics (with a link back to your website of course)

Why are these five sites so valuable? 

Because these are sites that are driving REAL traffic …

How else could you use this information? 

You can review these five sites and see if they have Google AdSense on them … and if they do and you do any AdWords PPC (pay per click) advertising, you could do a site specific ad buy through Google and buy ads on that specific site thus diverting traffic from your competition to your site.  And did you know that with a few special techniques that you can actually buy Google AdWords ads on a specific URL?
And of course, if you have any videos of your own posted on YouTube … log into your account and disable the display of these stats so that your competition does not use your referrer stats against you … like you are going to do to your competition  …

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