Jonathan Ledger has recently posted a new case study to evaulate whether obtaining links from Blog Comments is valuable or not.  I think his case study will be VERY successful!  And I look forward to reading his results.

Let’s take a brief look at his case study.  Jonathan has built an adsense site with 11 unique articles.  To promote the site, he is going to post 600 comments on blogs that do not (*DO NOT*) use the "no follow" attribute.   The goal of the case study is to learn whether links obtained through comments posted on blogs have a positive impact on search engine rankings.

For example, my blogs (including this one) allow you to earn a link 
back to your site simply by posting good and valuable content in 
your comments.

Now 600 comments is a pretty significant number!  Presumably he has outsourced this task – but if he can get 600 quality comments posted on blogs, this will attract a significant amount of valuable links.

In his case study – he notes that some blog owners will allow you to use keywords in your "name" so that you can also earn a quality keyword link back to your site.  Note:  Not all blog owners will do this.  Many will simply delete any comments that they perceive to be spamish due to keyword stuffing the name field.  However, many will approve them as long as you write quality content.

I have personally been using this tactic for many years.  But it does require lots of hard work which most people are not willing to do.  However, last month a new software product was released that helps automate the process of finding relevant blogs in your niche and monitors new postings 24 hours a day.

The power of this software is that it can notify you as soon as it finds new articles posting – often fast enough that you can be one of the first 1-3 people to comment on the article!

Jonathan Ledger’s case study is evaluating what the value of these comment links that you can get on your search engine rankings … but there is also value in the traffic that can be generated from being one of the first few people to engage in a quality conversation!

If you want to check out a program that can help you with run your own test along with Jonathan LEdger’s, check out this site (note this is NOT an affiliate link).  And of course, I would love to hear your comments!

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