The Kenyan Ambassador to the United States recently stayed at our house.  It was a delightful privilege and honor to host Ambassador Ogego and his wife Rose.  I grew up in Kenya, under the leadership of President Kenyatta.  It was fascinating to discuss the economic transitions from President Kenyatta to former president Moi to the current President Kibaki.

Greg Watson and Ambasador Ogego

The changes that are occuring now under President Kibaki are exciting and the outlook for the future of Kenya has never been brighter.  While that view might be expected from those of us that truly love Kenya, it is also showing up in the mindset and character of the populace of Kenya.

While I would normally talk about GDP and economic growth or the effects of the Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Act, the IMF Poverty Reduction and Growth Act, or fiscal and monetary policy.  It was far more interesting to see social proof of the citizens outlook for economic growth and opportunity.

Social proof came from the most unlikely source.  Google monitors search activity by region, by country, and by year.  Currently Kenya ranks #1 in the world for searches on the search phrase "Entrepreneurship" … an interesting statistic demonstrating social proof of interest in entrepreneurship in the country of Kenya.  In the picture below details Google Trends search results for 2007 searches for the phrase "Entrepreneurship." 


So is Kenya the hotbed of entrepreneurship?  Perhaps not, but it demonstrates that hope and dreams of a passionate citizenry!  It was a honor to have the Kenyan Amassador in our home.  He and his wife reflect the values and opportunities that make the future bright for Kenya.

ambassador 001.jpg

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