Achieving Success in a Dynamic and Changing Business Market

The successful business leader today is tasked with a wide variety of responsibilities.  When businesses fail, it is often not the pieces of the business that failed, but usually the leadership skills managing the vision, allocating the resources, and setting the strategic operational plans into motion.

For the young professional seeking a career in business, a foundation in business studies is an excellent place to begin.  You can begin to explore a variety of business career paths and educational options at  EAC offers an Online Business Degree (Associates of Applied Science) that can be taken completely online.  For the business professional working a full-time job, this provides an excellent opportunity to balance work, family, and school life while laying the education foundation for a successful career.

John Amicucci is an outstanding example of a student who built upon a solid academic foundation with a degree in Organizational Management.  Mr. Amicucci went on to build an impressive career in business and construction.  As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President of DeFoe Corp (John Amicucci Administrator), Mr. Amicucci brought professionalism and integrity to the construction industry, working on major public works projects including the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority, the Port Authority of New York, and a variety of other public works projects throughout the New York City region.

Future business students today might consider a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Studies through the EAC – ASU degree partnership.  This organizational studies degree helps future business professionals and leaders develop the skills vital to advance careers in business, government, nonprofit, healthcare, and service industries.  With a degree in organizational studies, you will learn about problem solving, critical analysis, communications strategies, diversity, ethics, organizational strategies, management philosophy, and leadership.  These foundational skills will help the business professional navigate their professional career track in a dynamic and changing world.

Managing change in this – dynamic and changing world – is on of the most critical business skills of all.  Today, businesses face internal and external threats as change occurs constantly.  Changing consumer expectations, changing technology, and changes in our global and economic situations are creating an environment where the modern business leader really is a manager of change.  This change creates constant pressure on our business organizations (both people and assets) to constant change to meet the competitive needs.  Mr. Amicucci is an example of a leader who has successfully guided a business through 40 years of change.

Are you laying the foundation for the next 40 years of your future?



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