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Degree in Organizational Studies

Achieving Success in a Dynamic and Changing Business Market

The successful business leader today is tasked with a wide variety of responsibilities.  When businesses fail, it is often not the pieces of the business that failed, but usually the leadership skills managing the vision, allocating the resources, and setting the strategic operational plans into motion.

For the young professional seeking a career in business, a foundation in business studies is an excellent place to begin.  You can begin to explore a variety of business career paths and educational options at  EAC offers an Online Business Degree (Associates of Applied Science) that can be taken completely online.  For the business professional working a full-time job, this provides an excellent opportunity to balance work, family, and school life while laying the education foundation for a successful career. Read the rest of this entry

U.S. Gold Bullion

Gold and Gold Stocks play an important role in striking a balance in investment portfolio diversification.

The goal of portfolio diversification is to balance asset classes with different risk profiles so that we achieve a lower overall risk.  Historically, Gold Bullion has averaged 13% volatility and Gold Stocks have averaged 38% volatility.  At first glance, it might be easy to perceive Gold and Gold Stocks as “risky.”   However, in calculating overall portfolio risk, gold bullion and gold stocks can actually be used to enhance the total return for a portfolio while actually reducing the overall market risk in the portfolio. Read the rest of this entry